Digital Thermostatic Radiator Head (TTDZ2)


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Set Individual Rooms Temperatures at Radiator Level –


  • Control thermostatic radiator valves using these compact digital thermostatic heads;
  • Individual valves can be adjusted remotely using the slide controls or set by sophisticated Rules/Scenarios programmed into the system;
  • Other paired devices, such as the door/window sensor, can also be used for further control;
  • A cost effective way of maximising thermal comfort and reducing energy waste:

If system employs thermostatic radiator valves on all radiators, then a bypass circuit must be fitted with an automatic bypass valve to ensure a flow of water should all valves be in the closed position.the link to purchase the MyVirtuoso Home PV Balancer Kit or other devices:   



  • Power: 2 AA batteries;
  • Digital display;
  • Z-Wave Technology –
    o mains powered devices act as a repeater;
    o 2-way communication sends device status and command acknowledgement back to the gateway;
  • Signal range: 30m uninterrupted;
  • Thread: Danfoss and M30 x 1.5 mm;
  • Dimensions: 65 * 65 mm.



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