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Smart use of Surplus PV Generation

The MyVirtuoso Home PV Balancer allows diversion of excess energy production to a resistive load, such as a hot water tank.

The system measures PV production, the actual usage in the home, and calculates the surplus. The Gateway is then programmed to divert surplus electrical energy to the resistive heating element (and/or other devices).

  • Part of a wider Home Automation system, including heating control, lighting control and security cameras;
  • Use up your surplus PV generated electricity instead of exporting to the grid;
  • Remotely monitor and control the system using your smartphone or tablet;
  • Manually switch-on your hot water, and other devices, remotely via the APP homepage:
  • View a graphical representation of consumption and production data on the APP;
  • Easy to install and use;
  • See Downloads tab for PV Balancer manual.

Follow the link to purchase the MyVirtuoso Home PV Balancer Kit or other devices:   

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  • PV Balancer pairs with MyVirtuoso Home Gateway (ES version):

  • Surplus can be used to power loads such as a hot water tank, dual fuel radiators and towel rails, directly through the PV Balancer;
  • System can also be programmed to power other devices, powered through smart sockets and switches, as soon as resistive load reaches required temperature or set time period elapses;
  • Delay function for devices, such as a washing machine, where a period of continuous supply is required;
  • APP clearly shows PV Production, household consumption and the available balance:
  • Historical data can be viewed in graphical form;
  • Daily programming function;
  • Manual override on the APP homepage.



After setting-up your MyVirtuoso Home automation gateway:

  • Pair 2 inductive energy meters with the gateway (for measuring PV production & consumption) and clamp them around the appropriate wiring (See Configuration tab);
  • Pair the PV Balancer with the gateway;
  • Programme the system to calculate the balance between your PV production and household consumption (Displays in the coloured widget below);


  • Wire the resistive load to the PV Balancer;
  • Connect any further devices you want to power by pairing available smart sockets and switches;
  • Program the system to use up any PV surplus using your various devices, as and when required.


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