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The complete Home Automation System for energy savings and remote control of your property, all at your fingertips on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Energy Savings – save up to 30% on your energy bills through greater control of your heating amp; appliances.
  • Heating Control – set the temperatures and heating times for your radiators amp; boiler.


  • Automation – sophisticated rules and scenarios enable home automation for further energy savings and remote control of your property.
  • Security – cameras stream images to your smartphone, keeping you alert for intruders! Ideal for monitoring holiday homes, or keeping an eye on your elderly relatives or small children.
  • Lighting – settings can be adjusted through dimmable controls, to optimise comfort levels and achieve desired ambience.
  • Wireless Z-Wave Technology –
    • system requires no modification to existing equipment or building work;
    • 2-way communication sends device status and command acknowledgement back to the gateway;
    • see Features section for further detail.
  • Connectivity – unlike with cloud based systems, MyVirtuoso Home continues to operate even when internet access fails.
  • Modular – additional devices can be added over time giving complete flexibility as requirements change.

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The main applications for the MyVirtuoso Home automation system are listed below (Follow the links for some suggested products related to each):

  • Radiator Control – set the temperature and time settings for individual radiators (Click Here);
  • Boiler Control – switch the boiler on/off according to your heating requirements (Click Here);
  • Temperature Monitoring – monitor the temperature of individual rooms for enhanced heating control (Click Here);
  • Appliance Control – remote control of your appliances (Click Here);
  • Motion Sensor Control – automatically switch on lighting (or other devices) when rooms are occupied (Click Here);
  • Lighting Control – remotely control the lighting in individual rooms to suit your requirements (Click Here);
  • Enhanced Home Security – real-time webcam monitoring (Click Here);



  • Motorised Devices – remotely activate shutters, garage doors, gates, blinds & curtains (Click Here);
  • PV Monitoring – photovoltaic monitoring & consumption control – single & 3-phase (Click Here).

All applications are available remotely using the MyVirtuoso Home APP.


  • Z-Wave Protocol
  • system requires no modification to existing equipment or building work,
  • all mains powered devices act as repeaters,
  • mesh network automatically eliminates ‘dead-spots’, the perfect solution for larger properties,
  • Z-Wave Signal Repeaters are recommended for larger properties and to avoid signal disruption where there are impenetrable walls & RSJs,
  • 2-way communication sends device status and command acknowledgement back to the gateway,
  • automatically repeats lost messages;
  • Transmission frequency: 868.42 MHz;
  • Connectivity: Ethernet;
  • Power supply: Mains;
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 40’C.

Set up

  • An APP based system with easy to navigate menus, makes for a quick & simple set-up:
  • Paired devices are easily located and controlled using the clearly set out device sections and slide controls:
  • As well as enabling full control of your connected devices, MyVirtuoso Home software also enables analysis of historical data, through a series of easily interpreted graphs:


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