Inductive Energy Meter (Three Phase/60A/10mm Clamp)


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Measure Electrical Consumption (or Production from your PV System) –


  • Reports wattage energy usage or kWh energy usage (or produced) to the myVirtuoso Home gateway;
  • Without the need to alter the existing electrical system, the clamp is fixed around the phase and the meter carries out inductive measurement of the energy consumed (or produced);
  • Meter acts as a booster for any other devices within same Z-wave network;
  • Historical data can be viewed through the APP.


  • Three phase, 10mm clamps, 60A;
  • Power supply: mains via mini USB socket and backup batteries (4 x AA);
  • Measurements: Watts or kWh;
  • Single phase – extra clamps required for 3 phase;
  • Z-Wave Technology –
    o mains powered devices act as a repeater;
    o 2-way communication sends device status and command acknowledgement back to the gateway;
  • Signal range: 30m uninterrupted;
  • Measurable current: 0.020 to 200 A / phase (depending on the terminal connected);
  • Degree of protection: IP43;
  • Dimensions: 150 x 67 x 32 mm.



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