SmartdHOME (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce the launch in the UK of the innovative EcoDHOME range of energy controlling devices for home and business premises.

This exciting range of products has been developed by our sister company in Italy, SmartDHOME Srl, where it is already becoming a key supplier in the energy saving market.

The energy controlling products incorporate wireless technology, and hence are quick and easy to install, providing a practical solution for retro-fitting.

The full EcoDHOME range of energy saving products can be viewed on our website

We are offering a special 20% introductory discount on orders placed before the end of November 2013 (excluding any special trade discounts).


20% discount

Products include

Virtuoso Home – eco-friendly home automation

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EcoDHOME Digital Thermostatic Heads (TTD)

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EcoDHOME Wireless Thermostats (WMTE)

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EcoDHOME Energy Monitors (MCEE)

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RTCA – heat cost allocation system for multi-occupancy buildings

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EcoDHOME Smart Start Energy Saving Devices

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LED Lighting

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EcoDHOME’s range of home automation solutions is an inexpensive way of creating an environmentally friendly & intelligent environment. Contact us for any commercial and technical information.

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